My Big Curls, Fancy Cakes, and Tea in Slovenia


My friends and I are having tea. The year is 1829, and we are of the nobility, which is why we are allowed such outrageous curls on our heads.

Do you know where Slovenia is? That is where we live, and in just a moment we’ll be served a special cake to go with our tea. It is called Prekmurska Gibanika, and it is quite a distinctive cake, you won’t find anything exactly like it in the cuisines of other places. Here it is ~


After our tea, we’ll visit the stables of our Lippizaner horses, whom are native to our country, then will have to rest. These curls are heavy, tiring.

There is an allegory to be discovered in this painting – can you find it?

Here is a recipe for our cake – it is not to be attempted by inexperienced pastry-makers, as it is technically complex!

Prekmurska Gibanika at slovenianroots blogspot

*Jozef Tominz, Tri dame iz družine Moscon, 1829


3 thoughts on “My Big Curls, Fancy Cakes, and Tea in Slovenia

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and linking to the gibanica prekmurska recipe! I am touched. So who is the “you” in this charming blog? Do you really live in Slovenia? Or perhaps, like me, you inhabit the Slovenia of the imagination.

  2. Blair, thank *you* for such a wonderful blog post! The ‘me’ of this blog is a time-traveler – I visit different times and places, and while I’m there I try to eat something. My trip to Slovenia yesterday was a huge success, loved the history I read, the foods I found, and most particularly, this torte or cake that you blogged about. Will be visiting your blog to read more,
    Karen Resta

    • Time travel is the best! But I am very happy that I got to see Slovenia for real, on a trip through the countries of the former Yugoslavia six years ago. Please do visit me again, Karen!

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