Schleckmuscheln – ‘You need to be licked from the bowl’

Schleckmuscheln are very pretty little German candies that have a bonus of a perfectly classic google  translation on wiki:

Schleck clams or mussels are leak hard candy , the mass in plastic shells of cockles form is filled. You need to be licked from the bowl. The simple sweet compound consists mainly of sugar , glucose syrup , flavorings and food coloring.

Mussels are known to leak at least since the 1960s. The most popular in children’s candy, individually or in small bags, especially kiosks and refreshment stands and etc. available. Schleck mussels were sold by the end of the 70s by the company Süport Viernheim

Schleck mussels are from the company Trawigo produced and sold. [1]

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment indicates that the shells of small children who take them fully into the mouth, and warp the plastic, can be swallowed under certain circumstances, so that in this case, suffocation is.

Suffocation is. Yes, it can be. Sometimes from laughing too hard!


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