What Would Don Draper Do?

The Madison Avenue of 1960’s ad agencies is just a hop and a skip from Fifth Avenue and 56th Street. I’d suspect that when Don took clients out to lunch that Miyako might have been one of the places he’d frequent. Sukiyaki! How exotic a thing in the early 1960’s!

Dining with clients from out of town can be hazardous, in a city like New York. Sukiyaki is not for everyone. Perhaps Don would take the clients he suspected might not like Japanese food here, to the Stockholm Restaurant. After all, a Swedish and Italian smorgasbord would have many options for picky eaters.

Our postcard sender reports it is the best. And that she and her companions emerged as ‘four stuffed pigs’. Ahhhhhhh. How perfect!


7 thoughts on “What Would Don Draper Do?

  1. I was there at Don’s time (not ’54 — but from ’58) and I can tell you it would be the Stockholm. Or Chambord. Unless he was in the 21 Club set. Japanese would have been a bit outre for clients — unless it was “a client” (meaning a date for whom he wrote off expenses).

  2. What happen to the lovely days of a long “liquid lunch” with a client? Sometimes i do not appreciate “progress” ^^ Isn’t there a “push” somewhere to bring back Chicken Kiev? Great post!

  3. I think liquid lunches ended mid-90s – I think email was the culprit. Too easy and too dangerous to write the wrong thing in an email after a liquid lunch.

  4. Oh, yes, Pat!! 🙂

    And Mary, that’s a very good explanation of why no liquid lunches . . . heh

  5. The geography of New York City is always shifting, viridian61. Neighborhoods renew themselves and/or die in very short time spans. But some things remain the same in spirit . . . uptown is uptown, downtown is downtown and each has their own way of being. You’ll have to visit sometime!! 🙂

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