The Invisible Artists of the Postcard World

The other day I started jumping up and down on my facebook page insisting that I really liked metaphorical caramel-filled chocolates, in the form of people following Postcards From The Dinner Table on Networked Blogs. Several people were affected by this. They are the sort of people, I imagine, who can not turn away from a woman so wantonly calling out for chocolate, and thank goodness for them! I got some more clicks onto the followers list woooooo hooooo! It’s not a large following but I hope a happy one!

Katy was one of the people who clicked, and she had a question about the artist who did the Dutch-Inspired Dannemiller’s Coffee postcard in the previous post.

Postcards often do not have information about who the artist was . . . the work could have been done for advertising purposes or for a card company. This adds to the definition of the postcard as ‘ephemera’.

There are, of course, rules about copyright within the postcard world – easily googleable for application to the different particular postcards.

I love to see the backs of postcards, myself – so here is the back of the card Katy asked about. Dated 1915 from Lima, Ohio. No artist name, just the imprint ‘Made in USA’.

The week of Love is over, at least as far as posting cards goes. Starting tomorrow, new theme. What is it?



4 thoughts on “The Invisible Artists of the Postcard World

    • I haven’t seen anything which would hint there would be anything exceptional in any way in this area, Mariana . . . but perhaps if one of the other postcard bloggers stops by and knows the answer they will chime in. 🙂

  1. Is there someplace where I can see the front of this post card. My Dad used to sell Dannemiller’s Coffee.

    • Yes, Julia. If you type ‘coffee’ into the search box it will take you to the posts which have coffee in them, one of which is the front of this postcard. 🙂

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