Please, St. Anthony – I Think You Need A Bite To Eat

I always knew of the Feast of St. Anthony, because there was always some sort of festival with food happening somewhere around where I lived. But I never really knew too much about the guy himself. This year I decided to find out a little bit about him, and what I found astonished me. This man had some serious things going on in his life.

If I were he, I would be very hungry at the end of it all. I think he fully deserves his feast! Luckily, there are some people out there making really good things for St. Anthony (and the rest of us) to consider eating on his day. One of my favorite food bloggers has some great food ready – wander over to Peter Battaglia’s A Food Obsession to see it! And two more of the best bloggers on Greek food, life, history and culture I know also have a different and fascinating food offering for St. Anthony’s Day – one I particularly like. You might too if you visit Maria Verivaki’s Organically Cooked and Mariana Kavroulaki’s History of Greek Food.


3 thoughts on “Please, St. Anthony – I Think You Need A Bite To Eat

  1. That poor man! He had become a toy for the demons!
    I had forgotten La festa del Porco and thanks for Battaglia’s link. In the east Orthodox church, st. Antony is recognised as the protector of the lunatics and those with bubonic plague.

    • The art that describes his torment is so completely surreal, Mariana – the juxtaposition between this and the gentled-down way I know him from our culture in general as the saint of ‘lost things’ and who has a big feast day really startled me! 😮

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