A Day Late, A Dollar Short, and No Turkeys In Sight

I promised you something edible to go along with the postcards, and I almost missed my own deadline today! That’s nothing new, though. Sometimes it just does happen that I’m a day late and a dollar short. I’m happy to say that today there are no turkeys in sight though.

Here’s what I cooked for you –

Start with bacon

When the bacon is brown and crisp, remove it from the pan and pour out the bacon fat but leave enough to toss some minced onions around till soft, then some collards

When the collards are all nice and melted down, throw in a handful of dried cranberries, some thyme, salt and pepper, and a bit of lemon juice and cook just a moment longer

Remove from pan and stir into the bowl you’ve already filled with the insides of baked sweet potatoes

Taste for seasonings, adjust, then scoop it into your sweet potato shells, which naturally you have all lined up ready to be filled!

It is waiting for you to eat it! There are no scary turkeys anywhere!

If you’ve worked quickly and if the kitchen is hot, these can be eaten immediately. Otherwise re-heat in moderate oven (or, wrap and save for another day)!


5 thoughts on “A Day Late, A Dollar Short, and No Turkeys In Sight

  1. It does look like pomegranate! The cranberries add a nice balance of flavor. So healthy, this dish really – and very delicious if I do say so myself. 🙂

  2. I adore sweet potatoes, collard greens not so much. Bacon, I don’t even do, but my father would absolutely love the full complement of ingredients though, so I’ll give it a go. If I just serve him a side of beaten biscuits with sorghum, he’ll be over the moon.

  3. Sounds perfect, ac. I’m going to borrow your idea and do the same thing next time I make these . . . there’s a jar of sorghum waiting in my cupboard for just this chance! 😉

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