‘Waste Not, Want Not’


It seems that lots of people I know are talking about preserving food these days. Janet Clarkson (The Old Foodie) even mentioned ‘bog butter’ in one of her posts the other day – and Sonia F. Bañuelos (whom I like to think of either as Agent S for her daring exploits or as Sonia F. Buñelos because of course, buñelos make a person smile)  – whose nom de plume is Saffron Paisley – is always cooking up something delicious to be put in bottles or jars for sustenance in days to come.

I live vicariously through other people’s preservings. There have been times in the past when I’ve indulged the urge, but not this year. This year, instead, I am collecting pictures.  And so rather than a taste of jam, I’ll show you the start of my picture collection on preserving foods.

The Canning Factory’ painted by Max Liebermann in 1879. Factory???!


Iceboxes. When iceboxes really meant iceboxes.


‘Mountain House Egg’ : “Freeze Dried eggs with bacon. Shelf stable for 25 years while sealed and kept in cool, dry, conditions”


Tian jian – this is cabbage. Pickled dried preserved Chinese cabbage. I’m always amazed at the power of cabbage to morph, keep, and sustain.


And finally, bog butter. Who would ever have thunk it? But they did. (“Line drawing of a partly destroyed wooden barrel with w:bog butter in it, found in Ireland. Bog butter is butter found in swamps, placed there for preservation.”)



3 thoughts on “‘Waste Not, Want Not’

  1. great photos karen – i had no idea what an ice box was, but now i can imagine it must have given people a substantial rise in status if they had one of these – what an intricate piece of furniture

  2. Yes, great photos – and I agree, I am a follower of preserving, but don’t do it myself. Don’t know why…

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