It Takes an Industrial Revolution to Make a Tender Dragee

Dragées are big
Dragées are small
Dragées can be
Almost anything at all

Actually we can begin the tale somewhere around the year 1200 AD with an almond or two that need to be preserved and transported without that little problem food sometimes develops of going bad, rotting, tasting awful . . .

But some dragées dropped their almonds entirely. I particularly like the idea of a dish of  capon with pomegranates and red dragées.

Dragée production was quite an industry at times. Machines were designed to put on the silver gilding that makes the thing so delightful


This work was performed in ateliers – which is a lovely French word meaning workshop, which actually translates in reality sometimes into ‘factory’.


And who will do the sugaring? Not elves, I assure you. Elves do not live in France. Instead, there is a machine to do the work


Here’s a close-up of the machine viewed before on the atelier floor. Ah! I can feel that hot sugar melted to perfect temperature heating my face by just glancing at it!


Such pretty little things, dragées!!! And they started out seeming so very practical! And now . . . oh! What a lot of work.


3 thoughts on “It Takes an Industrial Revolution to Make a Tender Dragee

  1. This post tickles my fancy immensely. I do hope we don’t resort to M & M’s as dragees. Mind you, I indulge in a handful every now and again but the thought of them used in place of dainty delights just doesn’t sit well with me.

    GREAT post Karen! Thanks for sharing…

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