I’ve Been Invited to More Than One Dinner. Which One Should I Choose?


I’ve been invited to four different dinners, all on the same evening. Please help me! I need to decide which one to attend. I would so appreciate your advice and reasons! Which one would you go to?

All four are shown here.





6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Invited to More Than One Dinner. Which One Should I Choose?

  1. The second, though there are no women – so maybe it’s a mens party?! The last one, just to see what’s going on, would be interesting.

  2. #1 holds a darkness about it, in mien and temperature and intent—a Maskensouper concealing intrigues and nefarious plottings to sour the milk of any blancmange.

    #2 is even more filled with a single intrigue—the expressions and the postures conceal nothing of intent, for they are upon a single purpose, and it don’t include YOU, unless you’re the talk-aboutee.

    # 3 IS a bit stuffy, with over-elaborate finery and foodstuffs and the ennui of the same-old-same-old elegance and flair seen every evening by these people bored with even themselves. But I’ve always wanted to DRESS FOR DINNER, really DRESS, and be escorted in on a gentleman’s arm. It MIGHT be worth the fidgets.

    And #4—well there WAS that little Caroline Kerfuffle at the door to start, but in such a crowd—minglemingle, eavesdrop and chatter—get a sip of whatever vintage is in vogue, whisk away for a waltz, try to BREATHE amidst the odors of all that unwashed, perfumed humanity, squeeze your way into the room for some glimpses of the Midnight Collation, and tell yourself it was worthwhile to see some history.

    Better yet—come to MY house.

  3. Ah . . . do you know Rachel – that number one would be my desired party to attend! I don’t see the heavy intrigue as strongly as you do. I see a twilight which is that of the time of evening when the stars come into the sky. The room is warm and humid – there are strings playing softly in the background with the uprising sense of surprise and heartfelt fervor – as if you stepped off a vaporetto into St. Mark’s Square and there they were just as they were supposed to be but only really in a dream. Muffled silverware clinking, deep voices murmuring, and not much really said. There would be quail with necklaces of bay and rosemary and the wine would be so soft and red that it would be like velvet, unfelt but for a caress and a lick as it went down your throat.

    Number three would be my least favorite. And I agree with you about number four.

    Your house??? Oh yes!!! I am sure, the best! 🙂

  4. Hmmm. For my pleasure the dinner choice would be #1. The layout of the tables seems convivial- there is ample drink at the table and to me this connotes a generous hand in the gustatory offerings, although, even if there weren’t, the wines would sate!
    #2- stingy in food and drink and sober in word, I’ll wager.
    #3- far too stuffy for me- I can imagine the tiny morsels in many stages, the formal choices in drink, food and chatter- not my thing unless I am required to attend for reasons of familial, moral or social obligation.
    #4- although the idea of a ball may be romantic to some, I’ve attended enough large soirees to know the difficulties- noise levels so high they necessitate a loud voice at all times, pushing for a watered down drink, a plate, a spoonful of this and that, all congealed, either too warm or too cool; and the throngs! Being watched by so many while you attempt to balance your drink, plate and flatware- dancing in such a crowd is an ordeal as well- no room to waltz freely! And, most important, sitting and eating in such a din- not conducive to good talk, enjoyable eating or happy drinking.
    #1- go, and report back to us.

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