Cooking Classes in Cotton Mills One Hundred Years Ago

What, you may wonder – is this? Women in long dresses and aprons, looking industrious though perhaps not so cheery. I came across this photo while browsing and it stopped me short. ‘Cooking Classes’ it said. Cooking classes? Why, this looked nothing like the somewhat ecstatic always hungry for knowledge cooking class atmosphere I’ve seen photos of here and there. But of course cooking has not always been cooking in the same ways to people. It has felt different to various people in various times and places.This photo is of a cooking class offered by a cotton mill in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1909 – one hundred years ago from our lives now.What were these women thinking? Were they happy to be in this class?IllustrationHere is another photo of a cotton mill cooking class, in 1920. Different fashions worn somewhat, and maybe a few shy smiles being shown. Through joy? Or from a beseeching request made to smile by the photographer? Or maybe those few women are like me – always going around with a little smile on their faces for absolutely no good reason whatsoever?In the time between the two photos there had been an important world war, of course. Sandwiched right in-between those ongoing cooking classes at the cotton mills.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Classes in Cotton Mills One Hundred Years Ago

  1. Among other thoughts, I’m wondering how cooking costumes were developed and-or invented. White, long, even today – very traditional garb. I’m sure you have the answer!

  2. No, I don’t have a clue Diana! A very good question!! 🙂
    I mean, there are some practical aspects – it could be as simple as that? It would be nice if it were meant to infer a sense of the angelic, though!

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