Haute Jello

Photo Micaela Rossoto

Haute jello is never out of place.
Haute jello does wonders for the face.
Haute jello is the friend to the figure
Haute jello makes a lovely picture.


7 thoughts on “Haute Jello

  1. She is SO me, with the exception of the teeth of course:)

    I thank you from the marrow of my heart and those crystal-encrusted bangles…

  2. Yes, the jello has been growing upon us all, Rachel.

    You should meet and know Louise, who claims the jello lady in the red jello photo is her exactly (and I believe her because I, of course, am almost exactly like the red jello lady too)! Louise is the monthsofediblecelebrations lady.

    So here: Rachel, meet Louise Louise meet Rachel! I know you will like each other. 🙂

    And I do wish you would cave in and join facebook, both of you. I posted a link to your recent (fantastic) jello post there to excellent reviews, Rachel.

    Ooooooh. That jello in your post topped with grated cheese was amazing to consider – I loved it. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the intro Karen. I wish I had Rachel’s link so I could see her Jell-O Parmigian-O. It sounds enticing.

    I’m just not ready for facebook yet, I’m rather shy:) Perhaps, someday…

    Would you consider “bringing” your Haute Jell-O to my online picnic? I’m assuming, of course, you would rather not participate in these kinds of things. I don’t usually either but, I’m taking the plunge and I do believe your Jell-O would be the “Bell of the Ball.”

  4. I am so pleased to meet you, Louise.

    Though I do have a nice block of PR in the fridge, and a couple of those lovely microplane things with which to shower it upon stuff with mad abandon, the Sawdust Salad is a true Southern recipe, passed along under countless hair dryers for many years, and features great drifts and dunes of Kraft Extra Sharp atop the four layers. Southern cooks are very fond of making food look like other stuff, especially where Church Supper is concerned, and the Sawdust trompe l’oeil is quite effective.

    I’m sorry to disappoint, but there is the consolation that it’s not Velveeta.

    The link is in Karen’s blog list—-LAWN TEA. The post is entitled “Pink Salad.”

    I wish you fantastic v-sunshine for your picnic!


  5. Rachel, that recipe does not disappoint – pas du tout! 🙂

    Louise, you are a marvel of organization and I’ll try to sort out the directions to the picnic. Thanks for the invitation!

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