More Manna in Art

I’ve decided to start a collection of manna art. The stories of money and politics hovering behind the artistry of these visual expressions of manna are interesting tales of intrigue and power in themselves! Some of these histories might be a topic for a later post. (To view the earlier post on manna art, just search the sidebar for ‘Art’ and clickey-clickey).

Alessandro Allori

Netherlandish (Antwerp Mannerist) Painter (Falling manna is on right side of triptych)

Aurelio Lomi

Nicholas Poussin


2 thoughts on “More Manna in Art

  1. These are really nice, Karen. I have a few, also – but don’t have the URL. Let me see if I can locate them.

    BTW, manna existed in ancient egypt, apparently, as part of medical treatments. Here are 3 uses of manna as part of medical treatment for internal ailments, that appear in the Papyris Ebers (approx. 1550 BC):

    nb – A ‘ro’ is a measure.
    – The transliteration of manna – from the hieratic – is “man’tj”.

    “Another (treatment) to empty the belly and make all evil that is in the body of a man come out: colocynth 4 ro, honey 4 ro, dates 5 to, manna 5 to, are mixed together and taken in 1 day…

    “Another to expel illness of the belly: oil, manna, s’3m, wheat (?) ground with honey, are mixed together and eaten in 1 day…

    “Another to expel evacuation of blood (dysentery?) that is (too) frequent: fresh porridge 4 ro, pulverized manna 5 ro, oil 4 ro, honey 4 ro, are strained and taken for 4 days…

    Yet again, we find that manna is combined with (other) sweet ingredients.

  2. Interesting, Diana. So for all intents and purposes it could be that those who eat dessert frequently are trying to find manna.

    I hope you locate the manna art! 🙂

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