What Manna Says To Me

From My Dinner with André: “You’re Okay – Hang In There!”

About the movie ‘My Dinner With André‘ (source: wiki)

The film consists almost entirely of a long conversation between two acquaintances in an upscale restaurant in New York City. It is based largely on actual conversations between Gregory and Shawn, and covers such subjects as experimental theatre, the nature of theatre, and the nature of reality.

Gregory is the focus of the first hour of the film as he describes some of his experiences since he gave up his career as a theatre director in 1975. [ . . .] Perhaps Gregory’s most dramatic experience was working with a small group of people on a piece of performance art on Long Island which resulted in Gregory being (briefly) buried alive on Halloween night.

The rest of the film is a conversation as Shawn tries to argue that living life as Gregory has done for the past five years is simply not possible for the vast majority of people. In response, Gregory suggests that what passes for normal life in New York in the late 1970s is more akin to living in a dream than it is to real life. The movie ends without a clear resolution to the conflict in world views articulated by the two men.

The movie was filmed in the then-abandoned Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.


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