Matzo Cake Flour Does Not Grow on Trees

I knew this adventure was not going to be easy. Setting out to taste manna in all its forms, as a project, has its drawbacks. Most of the things called ‘manna’ are difficult to obtain.

But on my first try? With one small ingredient?

These things are sent to try us.

I can not find matzo cake flour to make Rogov’s pancake recipe.

I live in a town that is not a city. Not a place to easily find manna ingredients. But there are other ways to do this. The matzo meal I bought can be ground to a much finer texture (in one of the electric machines in my kitchen – not with mortar and pestle though if I really want the manna experience probably it should be done by hand) then sifted. To make the flour light, angelic-like.

Patience. A part of manna.

Now the other thing that’s bothering me today is the things coming out of the heads of the guys in the manna experience rendered as Art in my last post. What are those stubby things on the heads of two of those guys? They are shooting flames, too! Why?

And will this happen to me?


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