What Do You Think About When You Think About Manna?

. . . that is, if you think of it at all. I usually don’t. Yesterday I didn’t!

Yesterday I simply ran from thing-to-do to thing-to-do. There was not a spare moment for anything resembling ‘thought’. I was like an ant among many other ants, all running and building and eating in between the running and building and . . . well, you get the picture.

If I’d had a moment for thought it probably wouldn’t be about manna.

But then, that’s why I like it!

Sometimes manna does pop into my mind. It pops into my mind at times while reading about food or wine, when people are talking about what they eat or do not eat.

Manna pops into my mind when I see advertisements for food, or for drink. “It’s the Real Thing!” Coke smilingly announces from every ounce of media outlet they can find. A friend told me of billboards she’d seen recently while driving across the mid-west: a representation of a bottle of Coke being poured into someone’s throat on one side – – – with huge bright letters spelling out ‘happiness!’ dancing across the rest of the billboard set out on the side of the flat multi-lane highway.

I don’t bring a whole lot of knowledge of manna to my quest. Actually, what I think about when I think about manna is some vague notion of tiny loaves of bread falling down from the sky to save people. And that’s about the extent of it.

What a wake-up call when I searched for ‘manna’ in the first place I could think of – wikipedia!

All I can say is, there’s a whole lotta manna goin’ on.

Here’s a link to the oodles of manna fun going on at wikipedia.


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