Perfection Salad: Perfect? Or Perfidious.


Here is a recipe for perfection salad from a 1905 (Knox Gelatine) book titled ‘Dainty Desserts for Dainty People’.

And here, for dainty people, is the downloadable text of the entire book.

Everything that grows

Holds in perfection but a little moment.

Shakespeare: Sonnet 15, 1.1


7 thoughts on “Perfection Salad: Perfect? Or Perfidious.

  1. It definitely could become the next chic thing, Kristen.

    Scott Peacock (a chic sort of chef in a certain sort of way) got into jello salads a little while ago as it notes in this story. I can see them making a comeback.

    Particularly if combined with the trappings of molecular gastronomy.

    The saying could be: “Jello – it’s not cheap any more.”


  2. There absolutely are, Amy!

    I’ve enjoyed many of your images on flickr – this one was my favorite though, I think. I always hope that readers take advantage of clicking on the photos posted here to go through to the source – such wonderful things to see.

    Very nice to have you stop by! 🙂

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