Food Art in Gastronomica

One of the great things about Gastronomica is that Darra Goldstein knows a lot about art. What I mean to say is that she knows a lot about Art. The good stuff, the stuff that is capitalized, the stuff that is artlessly artful.

Another one of the good things about Gastronomica is that there is a page on the website which features some of the AIF (Artists-In-Food) who grace the pages of the print journal. So right from the virtual page one can browse and click on the artist’s pages and see even more of their work.

What’s that you say?

Oh. Where’s the link?

Right here!


3 thoughts on “Food Art in Gastronomica

  1. Funny I should think of checking up on you today and find you discussing good old Gastro! I used to enjoy enjoying Gastronomica, and in retrospect I’m not sure whether it was the magazine or me that changed?

    No matter. If I ever get the urge, the last 4-5 issues I received before my subscription lapsed still lie unread.

  2. I still like Gastronomica and would be honored to have a manuscript accepted and published in their fine magazine.
    Darra is certainly a vivacious person and Russian studies ast Sanford …don’t get no bettern’ that!
    BUT…just to introduce myself, my blog has to do with my project since 2003 – documenting and analyzing FOOD IMAGES IN THE FINE ARTS. I have 25 chapters and struggling to get published.
    Looks as if you are into the same thing. It’s the conceptual artists that really make me buzz..

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